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PAX is Proven Prevention

PAXIS and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission have partnered up to offer fully-funded trainings to all teachers throughout Texas. PAX is evidence-based, trauma informed, culturally responsive, improved education outcomes, better mental health, less Substance use!

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What is PAX

PAX is the single most proven classroom-based universal prevention intervention.



Operations Manager:

Phone: (512) 919-5326


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Client Success Coaching Consultation Log

PAX GBG Initial Training

Provides teachers and staff with skills and strategies necessary to implement Evidence based Kernels which decrease problematic behaviors, improve academic performance, and increase student engagement.


PAX Partner Training

Provides coaching and professional development to internal and/or external staff that will guide and support PAX GBG implementation, collect data, troubleshoot and expand implementation, plus integrate PAX GBG with other school-wide initiatives.

PAX Tools Community Educator Training

Provides training to become a Certified PAX Tools Community Educator, authorized to present PAX Tools Community Workshops in their own community. PAX Tools is a collection of trauma informed, research-based behavioral strategies for families and communities to promote the development of self-regulation in children.


PAX Tools For Human Services

Provides a unified approach for organizations and professionals across system of care. This allows youth-serving professionals to improve youth outcomes by incorporating research-based, trauma-informed strategies into their professional role.


PAX Consultation

PAX Consultation is an opportunity for individuals trained in PAX to engage with a PAX-pert to support implementation and integration into their professional setting. Our consultation services offer strategic planning and guidance in fidelity implementation. These tailored sessions are designed to enhance the practices and procedures

professionals already use with evidence-based, trauma-informed strategies.

Weekly Virtual PAX Teacher PAX Chat Consultations 

Feature tailored sessions with an experienced PAX-pert. These sessions are designed to help PAX teachers plan for implementation and integration with other school or classroom procedures. June 4 - September 24, 2021


Click here to join Teacher Chats Fridays from 9-11am Central


Weekly virtual Partner/Administrator PAX Chat Consultations

feature tailored sessions with an experienced PAX-pert. These sessions are designed to help Partners and Administrators integrate and expand PAX in their school and community.  June 3 - September 23, 2021

Click here to join Partner/Administrator Chats Thursdays from 2-4pm

Register for a training:

ESC 13


July 13- PAX Tools for Human Service Training 8:00-5:00

Registration closes June 27th

July 21 -PAX Good Behavior Game Initial Training 8:00-3:00

Registration closes July 5th

August -13 PAX Tools for Human Services Training 8:00-5:00

Registration closes July 28th.

Funding made possible (in part) by grant award number H79TI081729 from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services  and with the support of The Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The views expressed in training materials, publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. or Texas Government.

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